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Hire me!

I provide more than SEO, I provide online marketing at the highest level.

In a world in which the online presence of a business is crucial the Search Engine Optimization makes the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one!
I am willing to offer my SEO services and experience for just one UK national or multinational company or to a single great project for long term optimization. I can position on the first page of Google almost every website for every keyword but the deciding factors are your budget and the time needed for the SEO work and website re-making. I am willing to work on a single large-scale project but for that I need a decent salary. My main motivation is to achieve a successful goal and the secondary objective is the salary.

Hire me

My conditions are:

  • The minimum salary starts with 100000 RS / month.
  • I will work exclusively from home.

What I have to offer:

  • 6 years of experience in SEO And PPC and over 7 years of experience in IT.
  • Exceptional SEO results (first place in Google.co.uk, Google.com.pk , Google.com ).
  • Guaranteed the best SEO results per price;
  • The ability to work with up to 2 simultaneous projects with the objective of  “the #1 place in Google”;
  • The ability to work with up to 5 simultaneous projects with the objective of “the #1 page in Google”;
  • Monthly SEO reports;
  • I work with passion, loyalty, devotion and honesty.
  • I’m specialized in SEO for the folowing web platforms: HTML and WORDPRESS.

But the words are useless without proof so I am willing to be subjected to any test or practical work to demonstrate the level of information I have as a SEO Expert in the online marketing field.

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